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Ferraz-shawmut TRS6/10R 600V RK5 time-delay fuses

Class RK5 - Time Delay - TR/TRS
THE INDUSTRY'S MOST POPULAR FUSE FOR MOTOR CIRCUIT PROTECTION. Tri-OnicĀ® SmartSpotĀ® TR fuses now provide a visual open fuse indicator. With advanced material technology added to the existing product line the TR current limiting time delay fuses are engineered for overcurrent protection of motors and transformers, service entrance equipment, feeder and branch circuits. Tri-onic's proven time delay characteristic safely handles harmless starting currents and inrush currents associated with today's motors and transformers.
* Solid-State SmartSpot Indicator
* Current limiting for low peak let-thru current
* Rejection-style design prevents replacement errors (when used with recommended fuse block)
* Service Entrance Equipment
* General-purpose Protection
Note: the fuses we have do NOT offer the SmartSpot Indicator, if that is a issue for your application.