Tulsa is a beautiful place to live!

Formerly a place on the "trail of tears", Tulsa has come a long way, becoming a telecommunications hub, hosting a world famous Oral Roberts University, and presents a deeply religious, hard working, and hospitable Southern attitude that made it so business friendly.

We are proud to create a Tulsa.Forsale.Ads virtual moderated newsgroup also known as TFA among the afficionados. AF's rules boil down to the old biblical principle "do unto others as you want them to do to you". No one wants to be spammed, so lpease, NO AUTOMATED POSTS. NO AFFILIATE ADS. NO COMMERCIAL WEBSITES CAN BE MENTIONED. Submit your ads to webmaster@tulsa-ads.com or post to Tulsa.Forsale.Ads if your ISP carries it. With over 5,000 daily readers, TFA is a great place to sell your stuff in a friendly environment.

You will be emailed removal instructions if your ad is accepted. Please keep this email.